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Stains, Crowns, & Waiting

July 11, 2010

“…here I bring my stains and crowns,
gentle river wash me now.
your love is deeper than i know,
your ways are higher than i could go…”

I love those lines. What a beauty thing! that we can bring our stains and our crowns to Him. Sometimes I wonder if i can be too proud of my crowns to part with them, and too ashamed of my stains to bring them? It fascinates me that either way… stains or crowns, it is hard for me to give it up to the Lord. How patient the Lord is with me! I think sometimes I hear the verses from Isaiah about waiting upon the Lord and I think that the Lord keeps me waiting to grow my patience, but actually I’m beginning to thing the Lord keeps me waiting not so much to grow my patience but to grow my insight and understanding that even in my perceived waiting, it is actually the Lord who is waiting upon me.

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